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Welcome to the Grid

Niko G. Villegas

Welcome to the Grid!,The official Website of the X Photographers of the Philippines.

My Name is Niko G. Villegas and I’m one of the X Photographers representing the Philippines covering the Fashion and Advertising fields of photography.

Fujifilm X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2

Fujifilm X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2

It’s been a year since the establishment of XPPH and Im very happy to see that we have become 2500 strong.

When the XPPH was formed, it was all about creating a group that has no officers, eliminating the stigma of power tripping or exclusivity. When we (FUJIFILM PH) and the other ambassadors brainstormed, we put in all the pros and cons we have learned from our different photo clubs and groups before. We all agreed upon an environment for the club wherein even us the ambassadors can easily interact with the group. XPPH was born.

Photowalks was one of of the first activities set up so that XPPH members would have an avenue to use their X Series cameras at the same time adhere camaraderie. The whole idea before was to market the X series cameras as the new tool for the new photographer. Lightweight, easy to use and not as obtrusive as your regular DSLR with a big lens, the photowalks also started a phenomenon with other Fuji X series across the globe. The XPPH activities have slowly become benchmarks for other regions to follow suit thanks to the marketing team at Fujifilm Philippines. XPPH has now clearly established that we have started the mirrorless revolution. Leaving behind the big and bulky DSLR for a more compact yet still delivers same or better quality than its bigger counterpart.

Social media also played an integral part in the promotion of XPPH with the initial group put up on Facebook and consequently fun and education discussion on VIBER. The Facebook page has garnered a good number of following and has produced amazing imagery from Filipino photographers that we have included in this website known as the XPPH GRID.

Fujifilm X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2

Fujifilm X-T1 + XF56mm f/1.2

The 5 ambassadors and the Fujifilm PH Marketing team are continually coming up with ways to further the XPPH community through different events, from the traditional photowalks, to seminars and an exclusive peek into the new products Fujifilm has to offer. This year also we will be starting the transition from photowalks to more seminars geared towards landscape, weddings, portraiture and fashion.

We will be moving towards the direction of adding other fields of photography and making it known that we can go beyond the usual street photography that we have established. Collaboration programs are also being planned like fashion photography combined with street photography and landscape photography with wedding photography. This year also will see the XPPH card that you can avail for exclusive promos, discounts and other perks that will further your photography skills.


Printing is also on the table for XPPH as we will push you to further your photography by urging and teaching you the art of printing your photographs. Nothing beats a published and tangible photo that you can actually feel and hold. Digital files are nice but a printed image is immortal. Fujifilm has introduced its different printers last year and as XPPH members, we are working on classes and seminars for you and of course discounts when you print your images.

It’s been a year of Xcitement and learning indeed and I’m looking forward to more years not only with Fujifiilm Philippines but with the XPPH community.

As my first article also for the GRID, I am thankful for being a year and a half DSLR free, thankful for being a part of XPPH and meeting new friends in the photography community, thankful for FUJIFILM Philipines for the continued support. Since I don’t have my personal blog/website yet so I will channel my reviews, tips and tricks and knowledge on this page.


Hello Niko, just a cuestion, witch camera have you used in this pictures????? X-T1 ????

Hi Niko I am a new x-t1 user. How to be an xpph member?

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