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Your Story: Michael Eijansantos

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Change is Inevitable: Why I switched to FujiFilm X-Series

With George Tapan | Photo by Camille Pilar

With George Tapan | Photo by Camille Pilar

The first time I saw an actual FujiFilm X- Series Camera was when we were in Puraran, Catanduanes Island, home of the the Majestic waves. There I met Mr. George Tapan during our afternoon break from surfing Majestic. I never knew that I’m talking to one of the greatest photographers in the Philippines. Mr. Tapan gave me that first experience to try the X100. From that moment, I decided that I will switch gears from DSLR to mirrorless camera and I have save up money to buy an X-Series.

After countless of hours and days reviewing for the best mirrorless cameras on the market and after convincing my wife to replace all our cameras with mirrorless technology, I finally decided to buy my first mirrorless camera.

(Note: always include your wife in any decision making matters to avoid any further discussion about your purchases J)

I’ve been an action sports photographer for 5 years particularly focusing on the very niche sports which is boardsports. Our website, www.mylifeonboard.net promotes surfing, skateboarding, skimboarding and wakeboarding here in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Since then we were using DSLR camera to capture those action shot moments. You really can’t deny the fact that the two most prominent brands in DSLR industry has the fastest shutter speed which is very vital in every fast moving subject that we shoot. But I took a different path and I believed in the X-Series, remembering that experience last year with Mr. George Tapan. I know that the X-Series cameras will evolve and will be more versatile than ever.

Fujifilm X-E1

Fujifilm X-E1

Opportunity Strikes

While browsing in a photography group on Facebook, I saw this post of a member selling his slightly used X-E1 camera plus 18mm Fujinon lens and a Nikon lens adopter. I was so hyped I immediately called my wife and told her about what I saw. I contacted the guy and asked to meet him during the DPP Anniversary at the Fort. But I have a slight problem; I still don’t have enough budget for the camera. I met the seller, tested out the camera and while trying out the electronic view finder feature, my friend Mark Dimalanta a fellow action sports photographer and a guess speaker during the event saw me and told me, “That’s a good camera. ” My heart skipped, twice and told the seller that I will buy the X-E1 and asked for more time to have the amount needed. I sold some items and in few days time I came up with the said amount.


Finally, I got the camera that I wanted. The first thing I did when I got home was a snapshot of my niece Castiel together with Diesel out American Bulldog.

Fujifilm X-E1

Fujifilm X-E1

The next day I was invited by my good friend and Philippines’ top wakeboard athlete Carlo “Clo” Dela Torre for a photo shoot session at Pradera Wake Park in Lubao Pampanga.

First action shot with Philippines' top wakeboarder Carlo Dela Torre

Fujifilm X-E1 – First action shot with Philippines’ top wakeboarder Carlo Dela Torre

I used my X-E1 for the first time to cover the DC Go skateboarding Day celebration in Mountain Dew Skate Park, Makati and the Surfcuit Surfing Competition in Zambales.

Fujifilm X-E1

Fujifilm X-E1

First skate event coverage using the X-E1

First skate event coverage using the X-E1

Local surfing

Fujifilm X-E1 – Local surfing

Shaping Surfboard with Din Litangan. This photo was featured on FujiFilm Colombia Instagram account.

Fujifilm X-E1 – Shaping Surfboard with Din Litangan. This photo was featured on FujiFilm Colombia Instagram account.


Change is inevitable. Change is constant. You need to be versatile in order for your career to grow. You need to learn how to adjust and how to handle things without any regrets. That was my thoughts during that transition period, shifting from DSLR to mirrorless camera. I’m a bit hesitant at first but you need to face the consequences and accept that change is indeed part of our career and life.

I never regret that moment when I switched to FujFilm X-Series camera. It was indeed a liberating feeling. Now I’m looking forward to explore more X-series cameras and test other lenses. Stay tuned for my next entry as I feature our surf trip in Bali Indonesia using the XT1. Until my next blog feature!

10621832_10202571475239177_427625223_nAbout Michael Eijansantos

Michael Eijansantos is the Managing Director of the biggest boardsports go to website in Southeast Asia, www.mylifeonboard.net featuring the latest news, events, videos and boardsports athletes.

To know more about Mylifeonboard.net visit http://www.mylifeonboard.net/about-my-life-on-board/



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